What is NeuroMetabolic Integration?

This is a question that I receive often in my practice. When I think of the body as a whole, I look at it in a variety of ways. I look at things neurologically, metabolically and then through the process of brain activity through a QEEG map of the brain wave mapping.

Neurofeedback-QEEGNeuroMetabolic Integration is the seamless approach of looking at the body as a whole, and not separate pieces that don’t function together. As we know, the ankle bone really is connected knee bone from the funny son we learned in Kindergarten. To treat the body in any other way then one fully integrated and connected system is not going to work. Yes, we can diminish symptoms sometimes from a piece by piece approach but we are not going to find or fix the root cause of the problem. I often hear from parents is that their child has been diagnosed with ADHD based on their symptoms, and are treated for the symptoms but not the root cause. This is what makes NeuroMetabolic Integration so unique and innovative.

I am a chiropractic physician who is also a functional medicine practitioner. When I look at your child from a whole body approach, I look from the top down but also everything in between. Most parents bring their child to my practice because things are clearly not functioning properly in their nervous system and brain. Many children have brain waves stuck in aberrant patterns, symptoms of inflammation in the gut and sugar handling issues. If you don’t investigate all of the symtpoms and simply treat with medication, it will not resolve the problem to begin with. In many cases the side effects of medications brings a whole bunch of other symptoms too. I look at the body systems functionally to uncover the things that are firing incorrectly and therefor causing a variety of issues.

I love when I receive a child’s intake paperwork for the first time. It’s like a big puzzle figuring out where to start. I examine all the pieces and look at all the different angles to help bring clarity.

If your child is suffering from ADHD or anything on the ASD spectrum, do them a favor and schedule a free phone consult to see if there are any pieces of the puzzle that need help getting into place. Hope may be on its way!


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