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If you haven’t seen the previous post on inflammation, take a quick look for it! It will bring you up to speed and then this will all make a little more sense.

When I give the example of the knee that has been damaged and then related that picture to the gut, the process becomes very clear. Too much inflammation can cause major damage, and the cycle will keep repeating unless we first remove the insult (what is causing the inflammation in the first place) and second find ways to decrease the cycle that is already going and repair what it has already damaged.

It does not have to be food causing the inflammation, it can be purely digestion or absorption issues, it can be from parasites or other infections, bacterial infections, blood sugar handling problems, STRESS and/or genetics to name a few. The main focus is to find out what is causing the inflammation. If you do not know what is causing the inflammation, you can not stop it!

Can inflammation affect anything and everything? Absolutely…

What if it effects your GI system so you can not absorb required nutrients or now your gut is so affected that it is leaking out molecules and your body has started an immune response and begins attacking itself (autoimmunity)? What if you start to feel foggy or thinking slow or are unfocused? Could your brain possibly be suffering from an inflammatory process ? What if your thyroid function is out of whack, could your thyroid be inflamed?

image-child-with-stomach-painInflammation, once it gets going, it is not specific. It will and can attack anything. It is very common for one of your systems to become inflamed or off track and be causing issues (eg gluten sensitivity or celiac) and then to later have another system to become effected … for example thyroid issues start to rear its ugly head.

Situations like these are very common because inflammation is not specific….

What if your brain is “foggy”, what if you can’t focus, what if you can’t concentrate, what if you have a hard time sitting still , or what if you have all the above? What do you think about your brain function at this time? Can inflammation be causing issues with brain connectivity, brain response, brain activity ? Yes it can. Your brain can be inflamed and your brain can be under functioning due to this inflammation ….

First things first, find the source of the inflammation, assess the damage, get rid of the root cause , begin the process of healing…

Can kids be inflamed? Absolutely… gut dysfunction, eczema, focus problems, hyper activity, sleep disturbances, concentration issues, excess “water” weight or a puffy feeling, joint pain (kids should not have joint pain), are just a few things that may be symptoms of an inflammatory process… If these symptoms are consistent with anything your child is feeling, look to inflammation to see if it is the cause or part of the cause …..

If you think your child may be inflamed…

1. Find the source of the inflammation
2. Get it out of your life
3. NOW

The goal is to have happy, healthy non-inflamed children living their optimal life…

Have a great and hopefully less inflamed day!

Dr. Kelly


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