Inflammation!! What is it and why should I care?

I always explain inflammation this way to make it an easy visual to see what the effects can be…. Is inflammation good? YES… on the other hand is inflammation bad ? YES.…

Let me explain… Let’s say you bang your knee on the corner of a bench hard. You already see the bruise forming, it’s all red and it’s throbbing and it hurts.

What is happening in this process?

Your body sees that there is attack on the injured knee or damage to it and it sends in reinforcements to protect and heal this area. You will see bruising, swelling at the site of insult, and your knee joint will feel stiff. Your body is protecting you from running on it or jumping on it so you can not cause further damage. So the result is, it hurts to move it. Eventually in a few days the bruise will change color and the swelling will go down, stiffness no longer there and you can go back and play. Normal inflammation cycle.

Now picture this….

What if you hit that same knee everyday in the exact same spot with the same force. What would your knee look like? What function would it have? How would it feel? Over a period of time your knee with the constant insult, pain, swelling, eventually would not be able to function at all. With a continuous injury, eventually you would have to have that knee replaced to be able to function again. Constant insult, results in injury, non stop inflammation process, decreased function.

Now let me take this picture to another level.

What if you are eating some type of food that is causing inflammation in your gut and causing your gut to leak. Well wait, let’s just back up to inflammation and constant insult. For example if you have a gluten sensitivity unbeknownst to you, and you eat gluten daily. You could be causing inflammation not only on a daily basis but possibly on an hourly basis. If you think of this realistically your child could be ingesting something multiple times per day that could be causing GI inflammation whether you know it or not. The inflammation cycle never has a chance to subside or to take a break.

boy wuth upset stomach

So say that you eat toast in the morning for breakfast, inflammatory cascade begins, have crackers and cheese for a snack, inflammatory cascade increases, has a PB and J on wheat bread for lunch, inflammatory cascade really kicking into high gear now. Dinner is breaded chicken and broccoli. I’m obviously just giving an example here for discussion purposes but if the person ingesting all of this food has any type of allergy, food sensitivity, leaky gut, autoimmunity or GI absorption issues, this inflammation cycle is on fire and the fire is not going out until the we eliminate the triggering food and some treatment is done to repair the damage.

Inflammation can be causing a cascade of issues in your child’s body, including their brain.

Like the banged up knee, your child may be “banging” up various areas in their body. The key is to figure out what areas and what is specifically causing the inflammation.

Specific lab tests can figure out initially if your child is inflamed and what may be the cause of the inflammation.

Please contact me if you are interested in exploring if your child is inflamed and if this is part of what may be causing your child’s issues.

Have a healthy and productive day!

Dr. Kelly

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