First 2 Visits

How Does Our New Patient Case Review Process Work?

We know you have likely been to several other doctors looking for answers and help for your child. We also know that you have probably received few answers and probably even less help. That is why it is our goal to be as comprehensive as possible in determining the exact causes of your child’s ADHD! In order to give us the best opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your case our initial intake procedures occur on two separate visits. This allows Dr. Kan plenty of time to evaluate all of the metabolic and neurological factors in your specific case. It also gives you plenty of time to meet with Dr. Kan to determine if our clinic is right for you and your child. This unique two-step intake process is your assurance that we will spend the time necessary to provide you with the best care possible. We have helped patients from all over the country get their lives back! Let us help you as well.


Visit #1:

Before your appointment, you will be requested to send in your intake forms, medical records, labwork and any x-rays or imaging studies that you may have. Dr. Kan will review all your records prior to your appointment with a fine-toothed comb.  At the appointment, Dr. Kan will perform a comprehensive, non-invasive neurological exam to discover the specific areas of the brain that are involved in your child’s ADHD.  With Dr. Kan’s training in neurology she will be able to identify all areas of concern that are developing.

Visit #2: 

Dr. Kan will let you know if she has decided to take your case. After reviewing your case history and performing your neurological exam Dr. Kan will discuss her recommendations for future care and possible lab testing that may need to be performed. On this visit all fees for continuing care and lab testing will be discussed.


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